RidgePointe Golf Course Details

Located in Northeastern Arkansas, RidgePointe Country Club is living proof of commitment to creating a first class, exclusive and distinguished private country club in Jonesboro.  The Club was founded in 1994 and has gone through a few renovations in the past few years, the last of which was the building of the best indoor tennis center in the state.  The Club is designed to be comfortable and unpretentious, family-oriented, and simply elegant.  We pride ourselves in our updated amenities and services that include an 18-Hole golf course with a well-stocked and upscale golf shop, two restaurants, catering areas, swimming pool, exercise room, and indoor and outdoor tennis courts with a stocked tennis shop.  The Club offers various social and recreational programs for all ages including, tennis and golf tournaments, wine tastings, specialty and holiday buffets and more.

Environmentally Friendly


2001 GCSAA/Golf Digest Environmental Leaders in Golf Award

RidgePointe Country Club is dedicated to enhancing our environment and has been an active member of the Audubon Cooperation sanctuary since 1998.  We strive to better the environment, while providing our members and guests with the best playing conditions possible.  This takes a lot of work but we know that helping the environment is important to everyone.

RidgePointe Country Club has achieved one of the GCSAA/Golf Digest Environmental Leaders in Golf Awards in 2001, in the form of "Private Merit".  The Environmental Leaders in golf Award recognized golf course superintendents and their courses for overall course management excellence in the areas of Resource Conservation, Water Quality Management, Integrated Pest Management, Wildlife/Habitat Management and Education/ Outreach.  In addition, these categories are based on four criteria: sustainability, criticality, originality and technology implementation/use.

RidgePointe has a total of eleven ponds on the property, with plenty of aquatic life.  Over the next few years, we will be concentrating on selected pond vegetation to enhance a wide variety of aquatic life.  Eight of the ponds have fountains in them to help the quality of the water as well as the aesthetics of the course.  Grass carp have been placed in some of the ponds to help control problem weeds.  Grass carp are a natural way to approach these weeds without the use of chemicals.

Natural Areas
Many areas have been set aside for wildlife and insects, with little to no maintenance needed.  These areas are out of normal play.  With a little work, they not only provide a great haven for wildlife and insects but also create a more natural look for the course.  With our effort being very high on keeping the course well manicured, we are limited on these natural areas but have been able to create more each year.

Ponds, creeks, and neighboring woods bless RidgePointe with plenty of wildlife.  Do not be surprised to see an occasional fox, bobcat, raccoon, coyote, deer or turkey.  You will not see them with every round of golf but they do come around.  Many species of birds live or frequent the course with over thirty species in our inventory.  The productivity of our many birdhouses and feeders is very high.  This has been a major contribution to the many bluebirds and squirrels you will see while playing a round of golf.

Flowerbeds play a large roll in the golf course aesthetics but also play a large role with insect and bird life.  We have an outstanding number of forty-four flowerbeds, shrub beds or ornamental grass beds.  Some beds are very small, while some of them are quite large.  We limit the use of chemicals in these beds and use hand labor to keep the chemical use to a minimum.  More flowerbeds are planned over the next few years.